2008 Kimle The Show Musst Go On

The 23rd of October is National Holiday in our precious country,It follows that we set off to a bitching twitching frisbee training camp.Organisation was completed in the rock-bottom moment(thanks to Zsolti and dear Me),and so we could hold our trainings in Kimle where TSMGO was held at the following weekend.
Most of Us arrived on the evening of 22nd into the slightly chilling weather and onto the slightly dewy field, but we were all cheered up by Uncle Frigyes(to whom we say thanks for all) who turned the heat on in the vestiary(not lower than 24 degree celcius!!!).The other cheering factor were the two bins of beer + approx. 5 lits. of hard drinks taken with us, because as we know with these the camp is said: whole. On the first night the gang got into kind of a good mood(yeah, those previously mentioned stuff helped), while the (only he says,m)core of LOL taught the others(to me as well, who had approx. ten knobs by the end of …begining of Thursd., m) one of their fav. Game:Shulz.(oops, out and loud:everyone can hit me :P)(but let those be strong,m :)
By 5am everyone managed to get into bed(even me, after waking up Dave telling him,he’s snoring)(not as if Bandy wouldn’t snore…every night).Next day 10am:training.So far this time everyone got there on the minute, though no need to say the consumed amount of alcohol throttled us down a bit. Practised throws a lot, and zone as well,which turned out to be very useful on the weekend. If my memory serves, at 1pm we held our first lunch break. The afternoon training would had started at 3pm, if we would not have been late. As a consequence, on the field we had the devil to pay.After 2 hours of s**king ,we wished our still present-day couch and ex-captain:Gabor as far as we could.Needless to say:thank you Gábor, it was a pleasure.Certainly the night turned out to be fine, but if I remember well everyone was sleeping by 9pm :)).
Friday morning all of us opened their eyes with huge enthusiasm,as the fun started at 9am.Funnily enough, no one tended to be late, personally I had the chance to live my fastest morning restroom experience.In spite of all mentioned extreme penalty,Matyi and Gazsa stayed in their sleeping bags until 8:50.Luckily during ’yesterday afternoon fun’ our coach disported huge as well,so there was no further ’Friday morning fun’. Everybody learnt tons of great and good stuff on Friday.The camp was closed with a delectable Iron Man game,where the two huge pimps(Slipper and Zsolti,m) were beaten by the team :Gábor-Pedro.
On Friday evening the other cool frisbee players arrived to Kimle,so sadly we had to move on from our warm vestiaries. After moving into the gym,we took a break to our haunt: Fregatt. On my way walking back, I had the pleasure to meet two of my dear friends in front of the gym.Dave was so suprised by the presence of me, that he fell on his back from the fence, but thanks to the few sips of ’painkillers’ he felt nothing.(what’s more: he broke out in a constant 3minute laughter,m).Perdo and myself kept on being up front, and continued to welcome the arriving unknowing teams with our stock of raspberry juice and other innocent refreshers(here Dave was already only our stanchion).Next morning we ralized,it wasn’t the best idea ever,because not that 16teamx7people got drunk from those few sips, but Us from the 16x7draughts. :))
On our enlightning morning we played the Outsiters first,which was a nice warm-up, the end was drawn.Our next game was with FUJ.At the begining our opponent was gone with 3points(4-1),and though I told Gábor earlier,that we should change to zone defence,he made this decision only at this point of the game.From that very moment on we caught 8 or 9 points and finally beated them.This word isn’t as simple as it seems,because in LOL’s history this is the first time we were the ones walking inside the cirle. After an 1hour break we played Frizmi,whose zone worked well against us,and so we lost that match.As being the runner-up in our pool, we were playing against D cup’s first place: Whoever.We played a cool, rugged match.For a while the signs of fatique appeared on our play,but soon faded away.Our playing method is labelled by the facts,that we fell into line with the other team from handicap, with Zsolti’s contribution, when he layed out and got the disc which I was supposed to do. At this point the atmosphere started to sparkle.Whoever was offender at 8-8, so we knew, strong defence was needed. And yes,yes,yes, we got the disc!After I passed to Pedro,he sent Rapi for long, who ran,ran and ran tremendously, and CAUGHT IT!RAPI CAUGHT THE DISC,WE ARE IN THE FOUR!Everybody ran to Rapi and greeted him,except Pedro who was standing right where from he threw the disc.Travel.Travel called.We walked back stilly to our place.After Whoever has made the defence won the match.Personally I feel dissapointment only now,back then I was very proud of the team.(me toooo,m).Next morning waking up, warming-up,and losing a game against the Monkies.I think our team had mental problems,and so we could not really gather ourselves. Our last game was for the 8th place with Little Secret.Unfortunately this was lost as well,with a 1 point difference.On Sunday we stood on the field decayed,because Pedro, Zsolti and Dave left the previous night.In my opinion it was a great and cool combined tournament and training camp,I thank everyone who was there. I hope all of you fancied the warm-ups(khmkhm,m),and hope Gabor will let me repeat those some time.’Papuuucs’

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