2014 Awards

We had our christmas party and end of the year awards ceremony. We just closed a fantastic year, we had things to celebrate, and also many players to thank. First, some of our girls and guys who did a lot to make things happen in 2014 (not exclusive list):

Krisztián, who collected all the membership fees.
Brúnó and Danne, the T&R coaches.
Ádi and Nóri, coach and captain of Bambi.
Gregi and Jeff, LOL open bosses.
Petra and Gregi, LOL mixed captains.
Imi, for organizing T&R in general.
Pedro, T&R autumn guest coach.
Adri, Bambi attendance administrator.
Tomi, LOL open attendance administrator
Tata, conditioning coach.
Zsolti, homepage guru.
Krami, Dani and Tata, Hungarian Frisbee Association leaders.

Last, but not least, the winners of the year 2014 are:

  • Player of the year: Janka and Tata
  • Rookie of the year: Anna (Kellermayer) and Botond
  • Motivator of the year: Petra and Danne
  • Score of the year: Petra to Orsi : Overtime point against HalloDonna at Adventure Cup, Vienna. The special rule of the tournament was, that after the whistle 3 passes are played in total. The game is tied, the whistle is blown. HalloDonna scores with 2 passes. They are one up. But Bambi still has one pass to try. Petra catches the pull. All other players in the other end-zone, waiting for that last pass. Petra releases it, the throw is a few meters short, a HalloDonna defender goes up and hits the disc away… into the end-zone, then Orsi lays out and catches it to tie the game!
  • Defense of the year: All the lay out dees that Fló made throughout the year.
  • Tourney of the year: WUCC 2014, Lecco
  • Trrrrrpöccc of the year: Brodie picture at WUCC
  • Photo of the year: ITF still life: Potter with his buddy.
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