About The Team

We are LOL, an ultimate team based in Budapest.

In short: We are a competitive team.

Since our start in 2004, we have come a long way, and there is an even longer road to walk, or rather a mountain to climb before us. We have developed a lot in those years from being one of Hungary's middle-class junior teams to be one of the best and biggest team in Hungary.

  • In 2004, LOL was founded by Feri and high school studs of Prohászka Ottokár Catholic High School – had the first snowy training on 10th January, 2004. After few months of training we finished third (out of four teams) on our first tournament, the Hungarian Junior Indoor tourney on 7th March, 2004.
  • In 2005, after one and half years of training LOL called attention of Middle-European Ultimate Frisbee community, as we finished second out of 19 teams on an international, U18 junior tournament, which was held in Massenbach, Germany. (link)
  • In 2006, we introduced our junior team in an international open tournament for the first on WinterLeague in Vienna. It was great success for a team full of juniors to finish 3rd at an open tournament!
  • In 2007, we came very close to win the Hungarian National Series as we won the first three rounds but in the finals we were beaten by Hallodigaz-e?, called HUNcut nowadays. We had to wait a couple of years until finally winning the Hungarian Nationals in 2012.
  • In 2008, we introduced ourselfes to our region top teams with team LOzd, which was half of LOL, half of team UFOzd from the countryside.
  • In 2009, we played as LOL at Sectionals (CEL), finished 4th, and went to Regionals (EUCR, Nurnberg, open), and to the European Championship (XEUCF) in mixed category.
  • In 2010, we attended the World Championship in Prague, with our men's team.
  • In 2011, we qualified to the European Finals (EUCF) in open division.
  • In 2012, we started an elite open team called Lézer Pávák (Laser Peacocks) together with our friends and main domestic rivals: Freebees from Debrecen. With the peacocks, we enter the European Championship Series events each year.
  • 2013 saw the LOL T&R emerge. T&R stands for Talent & Recreation and it become the team for newcomers and players who don't want to compete too seriously. With this, we increased the number of LOL teams to four: Bambi(women), LOL Mixed, LOL open, LOL T&R.
  • In 2014 we added to the list the LOL junior team, where we are still struggling with numbers, but have high hopes. 2014 was also the year of stepping up for our women team Bambi, as Ádám Oláh (Freebees, LOL, Lézer Pávák) started coaching the team. Alos, Lézer Pávák represented Hungary at the World Championship in Lecco, which was a huge motivation for a very serious preparation, a lot of hard work invested and a very solid performance shown all weak long for the most dedicated male players of LOL and Freebees.


Apart from training and playing, the team gained experience in the recent years in organizing tournaments. The iconic BubblePest tournament is the pet project of the whole team in the winter months. It's the most fun you can have in the winter, an amazingly high level but also very easy-going mixed tournament in Budapest, with boat ride and parties and most importantly, 7 vs 7 competitive ultimate on grass, in the huge heated Bubble of ours.
The competitive and simple twin brother of BubblePest is Seven, a 7 vs 7 indoor astro turf tournament for open teams.
We also try to boost ultimate in Budapest through organizing Budapest Ultimate League (BUB), a tournament of 4 rounds for teams of all sizes and shapes in and around Budapest.


We try to train hard, play hard, compete and improve, but in a way that ultimate stays fun for every one of us, and our opponents. Our style is really team-based. Instead of relying on a few key players, we want to let everyone play, and try to play absolute ultimate, where everyone can play every position and role.

We fight hard and will make our best to give you a good game wherever we meet you.

See you on the grass!

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