Teams in Budapest

Here we try to collect all the training and playing possibilities in Budapest, with contacts, locations, times, and playing levels.

Training and playing possibilities in Budapest

  • Name: LOL
  • Level: advanced
  • Type: men/women/coed OUTDOOR trainings (drills + game) ; track
  • Time: Mon 7pm (sometimes 8pm) men/women training, OUTDOOR, astro turf ; Thu mixed training, astro turf; Wednesday beginner mixed training indoors, track at various places and times in smaller groups
  • Location: Monday at Oxygen Wellness, Wednesday at Körcsarnok , Thursday at Vasas Pasarét
  • Contact: Gabor Boross
  • Short description: You can read more about us on this website. We attend the European Ultimate Championship Series, and we went to European Championship XEUCF 2009 to London in mixed, to the World Championship in 2010 in open. We are proud to qualify to European Club Finals EUCF in 2011 in open division. Any level is welcome, but not on all trainings. If You want to try out, please feel free to contact us!

  • Name: Hallodigaz-e?
  • Level: advanced
  • Type: coed indoor and outdoor trainings (drills + game)
  • Time: Mon & Fri, 7pm
  • Location: Monday at Körcsarnok, Friday at Oxygen Wellness
  • Contact:Akos Szabo
  • Short description: The other serious team in Budapest. They are attending international indoor and outdoor tournaments. All level welcome! Read more about them at their website.

  • Name: Gyerejólesz
  • Level: intermediate
  • Type: coed scrimmage (game)
  • Time: not set, but usually Sunday afternoon
  • Location: Margaret island and Orczy park
  • Contact: Anna Rauscher
  • Short description: A young and fresh group of enthusiasts. Next to the Budapest Leagues, they attend some bigger hungarian tournaments, and some smaller international ones too.

  • Name: Margitsport
  • Level: beginner
  • Type: coed scrimmage (game)
  • Time: Thu 7pm
  • Location: Margaret island
  • Contact: Péter Balla "GingerAle"
  • Short description: One of the teams born from the previous years begginer leagues. They are regular participiants of the Budapest Leagues.

  • Name: Detonátor
  • Level: beginner
  • Type: coed scrimmage
  • Time: Thu evenings
  • Location:
  • Contact: Halmos Máté
  • Short description: The newest team at Budapest Leagues. They are enthusiastic, good, and many.

  • Name: Dermedongó
  • Level: beginner
  • Type: coed scrimmage
  • Time: not regular
  • Location: Margaret island
  • Contact: Feri Visnovitz ; Mate Asztalos
  • Short description: A quite long existing group with irregular meetings, which include playing ultimate. They come to some of Budapest Leagues and Begginer Leagues. For more information, check their Hungarian website

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