• Name: Péter Rapali
  • AKA: Rapi #55
  • Playing since:october, 2007
  • Position: Deep
  • Team history:
          • LoL 2007-
          • ELTE 2007-
  • Best moments:
          • My first throw on my first tournament (HOTRF_Ózd_2008)
          • The Final of National Indoor Tournament against UfÓzd, Debrecen, 2008 (1st place)
          • Winterleague, Open, Vienna, 2008 (My first outdoor tournament)
          • CEL Trnava 2008 (2nd place) (Games against Mental Discorders and Dji Sam Soe)
          • CEL Final, St. Peter, 2008 (7nd place)
          • Kimle, Coed, 2008, Game against Whoever (Our zone deffense worked great and the team was very complete)
          • Putim, Open, 2009, We won the first round of Czech Outdoor National League!
          • Ozd, Coed and Open, 2010, Coming back after my ACL.
          • CEL, Rackovicze, Open, 2010, 3rd place
  • Others say:
          • Terence Hill
          • filozófus ( "A kis dolgok különböztetik meg a …… dolgokat.")
          • Hogy jut eszedbe? (egy hammer után egyik első versenyén) = How come? (after throwing a hammer at one of his first tournament)
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