• Name: Will Bates
  • AKA: (US nicknames) Hippie, Jesus, Gadget, Wall Street, Erasmus, Rawdog
  • Playing since: 2002
  • Position: Varies
  • Team history:
    • Middlebury College Pranksters, VT, USA, 2002-2006
    • Chuck Wagon, VT, USA, 2006 - 2008
    • Stimulus Package, VT, USA, 2008
    • LOLka, Hungary, 2009
  • Best moments:
    • Winning on a Universe Point during an outdoor, island night game with a huge crowd cheering us on in Georgia, USA, 2003
    • Making it to a tournament finals with just 9 players with Stimulus Package in Montreal, Canada, 2008
    • Discovering there's good folks to play disc with in Hungary!
  • Others say:
    • Is it a hand-block? You look a little worried.
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