LOL Related Teams

We are not going as LOL to all tournaments. And there are teams which doesn't only contain LOL players, but LOL players are part of them.

LOL T&R: Our Talent & Recreation team.

Bambi: Bambi is our women team. Despite their low number, our girls are real enthusiasts. It shows, that all of them are coming to Europeans, London with our mixed team.

LOL Mixed: Our mixed team.

LOL Open: Our open team.

Huntimate: Huntimate is a nation-wide Hungarian women team, consisting of Hungarian women from all around the country who want to compete on an international level. Among some other tournaments, they compete at the EUCS Series.

Lézer Pávák (Laser Peacocks): Laser Peacocks was founded in 2012. LOL and Freebees, the usual rivals in the Hungarian scene are good friends and put together a wannabe elite open team to compete at the EUCS series. In 2012 the team just fell short of qualifying to EUCF, but next year they will try it again.

Lolka: Lolka is our indoor team (2nd team called Bolka. Lolka & Bolka was a Checoslovakian cartoon long ago, about the adventures of two young boys.) We are hungarian indoor champions (2008,2009).

Blood for Blood: Blood for Blood is LOL's indoor beach team. Name says it all.

Mekkora: Mekkora is not a LOL team, more of a tribute team for the legendary BUT/Csoda team, an exclusive team, where you can get invited by your coolness, rather than athleticism or skills. The team sets itself goals of having fun and targets lower level and fun 5 on 5 beach and indoor tournaments, mainly.

Sima liba, Gecimanók, Wunderscheisse, FufuTeam and 3-as csapat are teams for the LOL within team championship, an all year round series for 4 on 4 mixed teams that are consisting of only LOL members. The games are played once a month on our Thursday mixed trainings.


LOL C: LOL C, or LOL Callahan is LOL's other open team, competing on the Hungarian Open National rounds. We don't have a first/second team selection on Nationals. LOL is consisting of more experienced players, LOL C is based on our fresh talents with the leadership of two ultimate veterans, Feri and Dini.

AMB: AMB was a Budapest women team started in 2009 (late 2008). It was founded to start a competitive women team in Budapest with regular trainings. The trainings didn't really happen too often, but at least the girls went to some tourneys together.

LÓzd: In 2008 together with our countryside friends, team Ozd, we went to the European Championship Series (EUCS) together, with a team called LOzd. We did pretty well, finishing 2nd at CEL, and 6th at CEL Final, earning the right to go to Regionals, which we finally cancelled due to money issues. Read more here.

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