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LOL Christmass and end of the year party
2014. December 19. Friday
We held our annual Christmass party together with the LOL award ceremony. Details here.


Indoor Nationals: Bambi 1st, Mekkora 2nd, LOL 3rd
2014. December 7. Sunday
This weekend the women and open Indoor Nationals were held in the legendary city of Ózd. Bambi won the tournament in women, making them the first ever LOL team to win both indoor and outdoor Nationals in the same year. Mekkora lost in the final against a strong Freebees team, LOL won in a crazy intense universe point game for the 3rd place against the organizers, UFÓzd. Thanks for the great weekend folks!


LOL Ultimate media ban is finally over
2014. December 5. Friday
We are gladly anouncing that the media ban that was issued by the WFDF MCCOWNSWLAEWL board (Media Coverage Committee Overseeing Teams Whose Name Starts With LO And Ends With L) against LOL Ultimate Team in 2013 is finally over. So many things happened since, like:

  • LOL T&R recruitement team is established in 2013!
  • LOL open team goes to Disc Days Cologne 2013!
  • LOL mixed team wins Hungarian Nationals 2013 in universe point against LOL 2!
  • Intergalactic Turbo Fun is not intergalactic, but indeed Turbo Fun - sais Sixty Forty, the newest subbrand of LOL.
  • Players of the year 2013 are Edit and Zsolti, rookies of the year are Adri and Potter!
  • Lézer Pávák gets the Hungarian open spot for WUCC, World Championship in Lecco!
  • BubblePest and Seven are organized in 2014 again, better than ever.
  • Lézer Pávák starts its preparation for Lecco, conditioning, throwing and playing at Seven.
  • Beach Nationals 2014 is won by LOL in mixed and the Screaming Cats in open. Meeeooowww!
  • Lézer Pávák attends a preparational tournament in the Czech Republic, organized by our friends, Yellow Fever.
  • Not that anyone counted the score, but we won all our games.
  • Bambi becomes women National Champion!
  • LOL open becomes open National Champion!
  • Lézer Pávák has an amazing week but does not become World Champion.
  • Budapest League (BUB) is organized by Brúnó again with 11 teams attending!
  • Missing the full-monty: LOL and LOL 2 mixed teams do not become national champions. They are beaten by a mighty Hallodigaz-e? team.
  • LOL General Assembly is held in November 2014. Leaders promise to post news more often on the website.
  • LOL is organizing Prague Winter 2015 tournament in Budapest. Ain't no kidding!


Budapest Ultimate League 2012 Winter round
2013. February 23. Saturday
Winter round of BUB 2012. Register a team here!


LOL vs Sockeye: 6-4
2012. April 26nd
Five Seattle Sockeye players spent a few days in our town and were so kind to hold a training for us. After that, in a friendly game of foosball (table football, csocsó) Dani&Dini (LOL) convincingly beat Nate&Sam (Sockeye) in a universe point. After leading 5-4, with only one ball remaining, they called "last goal wins it all", showing great spirit, and then scored, gaining the biggest victory so far for LOL.
Thanks a lot guys for the great training and the fun night afterwards!


LOL won 1st round of Hungarian Open Nationals
2012. April 22nd
The Hungarian Open Nationals in 2012 again will consists of 3 rounds. We organized the first round last weekend, where out of 9 teams, LOL finished 1st, LOL C(allahan), our other team finished 4th. Two more rounds left, way to go!
Detailed results: google docs.


LOL at Europeans
2011. October
LOL qualified this year to the final round of the European Championship Series for club teams. We managed not to finish last, 23rd out of 24 teams. On the picture you can see a C mius team planck after our last game. Homepage of the tournament: link


Our team is proudly hosting the best level Ultimate tournament in Hungary so far. Teams from all over Europe, some of the best. We can't wait to give them a great time on and off the field!
tournament guide


LOL at Worlds!
2010. July
This summer we were lucky to be able to go to the World Ultimate Club Championship in Prague. We went with a strong team, we prepared hard, and fought honestly against some of the best teams in Europe and the World. The tournament was an unbelievable experience for us, so we cannot even write a proper summary of it. We learned a lot from our mistakes, we were very happy when we did something well, and we drew a lot of motivation to continue! Check out the website of the tournament for more details. (Yes, that's Buzz Bullets on the picture with us!)


Lolka is Coed Indoor National Champion
The Hungarian Coed Indoor National Championship, a one weekend tourney was organized second time. We won it.


Savage victory in Slovenia
2009. December
Lolka won the FAAB 5. coed indoor tourney, with only 3 girls and 2 boys on the team. A great weekend, and an excellent final against Hallod. (Watch the video of the final!)


Skill day
2009. October
We will organise skill days for beginners in a gym during the winter. If you want to start playing ultimate, get on our team, or just get better and see some new stuff, clickhere for more information (just in Hungarian, sorry), or contact us.


2009. September
As the first Hungarian club team, we went to London for the European Championship. We had a great time on the tournament, learned a lot, and had some fun in the city afterwards.


Regionals in Nürnberg
2009. augusztus
Our open team went to the Regionals of the European Championship Series. We played well, and finished 9th in this really strong tournament with teams like Ragnarok, Feldrenner, Woodies, Silence, …


LOL won the first round of the Hungarian Nationals
2009.June 7.
We won all our games, and hence the tournament in Markaz. It wasn't easy, we had particularly good games against Freebees (Debrecen) and UFOzd (Ozd). We will be there at the next two rounds to win them, and became Hungarian national champions for the first time!
Read more in Hungarian.


The Budapest Leagues spring rounds are over
2009.May 31.
Read more in Hungarian:
Budapest Ultimate League
Beginners League

Continuation in autumn…


We finished 4th and 5th at CEL!
2009.May 18.
The AMB women team finished 5th, and our open team finished 4th at the Central European League. With this result, we earned the right to go to the Regionals (EUCR) in Nurnberg, Germany, in late August. We can't wait to fight some german and danish teams there! Read more about the tournament in Hungarian.


Czech nationals winners
2009.April 20.
We traveled to the beatufil little town of Putim this weekend to play with the strong czech teams at the first round of their national championship. By winning all of our games, we won the tournament, and had a great time! Good preparation for CEL. More in Hungarian.


LOL end of the year party!
A little belated, but we get together after our Tuesday training to celabrate the end of a fantastic 2008 season, and to give out some awards… Read more in Hungarian


LOLka defended its national indoor champion title!
In short: We won the tournament again, in sudden death against the mighty UFOzd! Our women team beated the other women team on the tournament (CiCi Catch) in a great and close game! We had by far the strongest "second team"! more...


Training in snow
We started our outdoor trainings at the start of February, on a lighted turf field. We already had some great trainings in snow and rain, starting separated men/women , and then a joined coed trianing for the second half of the training. Read more...


LOL at Europeans!
LOL is going to the European Championship to London! We are going to represent our team, and Hungary in the COED division on this major WFDF tournament.

Check out teams!


LOL nationals runner up
2008. September
Our countryside brother team, UFOzd beat us in an exciting final in Tatabanya. We were leading 5-0, when the mighty UFOzd stars started to play their very best, to finally beat us in the cap. Congratulation! A well deserved win, and a good experience for us, definately.


LOzd in the final at CEL!
2008. May
The joined team of UFOzd and LOL, called LOzd acomplished probably the biggest result of Hungarian ultimate so far. We got into the final at the Central European League, part of the European Utlimate Championship Series (EUCS), surprising the whole Central European community (including ourselves), what the Hungarians can do! read more...

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