Summary 2008 Mix CEL

By winning the first (semi-official) Coed Hungarian Cup (held in Csepreg) Lol won the right to participate in the region’s most prestigious Coed tournament. Apart from the only only Hungarian team seven Czech, two Austrian, two Polish and one Slovakian team was playing to decide who is the best.
Friday night part of the team in their tents other part of it in the small gym was trying to collect their thoughts (I think I shouldn’t go into details now…) about the next day’s games.
For our first game on the little bit cold and foggy morning we were playing against our favourite team from our pool, the Prague Devils. Although we were playing a bit sleepily and with lots of mistakes, we didn’t let the game slip out of our hand. We played well the dump and swing (which is by now familiar to every Lol member) and quickly Bori Petra (a member of Hagymásbab) got into it too. We also tried the agressive zone, which we practised on the trainings, but it didn’t work well. The end was minus three, but there is nothing to be ashamed of, because Sigi (from Catchup) arrived only for our third game, so we had only three girls until that, who were playnig without subs.
Our second game was against the other Czech team, the Terrible Monkeys. It started a little hard, but to the great happiness of the local audience our first two points were two layouts, barely caught!! After that with another few layouts, with a few longs and with nice playing we won the game!
The third game looked easier against the young Polish team, Spirit of Lemon. Although we were strengthened by Sigi we didn’t play well. We took over the weaker team’s flustering style. We made many mistakes, everybody take on a little more than they should have taken. Sigi also had to get used to our playing as a handler. But at the end we won safely.
Because of the few subs we had and the 50-minute-long pool games we were starting to get tired by the time we had to play against Outsitterz in the afternoon. If not elsewhere it was obvious during the warming up. When a few minutes before the game the Outsitterz was already trying to warm up with an end-zone-drill we have just arrived to the field. This showed because by the time we warmed up the score was already 4:1 to the Slovakians. Then we switched to an other gear and left the Outsitterz standing there. All the long throws were good and the timings right (Gábor, Pedro and Rapi) which weren’t usual for the Lol’s usually safer game.
At the end of the day came the game against our feared opponent the FUJ (also from Prague). If we won, we are the first from our pool, if we loose we are the third, which meant a lot for Sunday’s cros game. We played well against the young skillful Czechs. The points came well and a few minutes before the end we were still going by two points. We were starting to get tired, with acing legs it’s hard to run. Two mistakes before the zone and the FUJ won by one point. With our heads down but without shame we ended at the third place of a hard pool by putting everything into a nice play.
Sunday morning we played against Yellow Fewer to get into the best four. In the middle of the game we were going by 2 or 3 points, we were playing well then they started to play zone. The mistakes came ad we lost by 3. Conclusion: it’s tstill hard for us to play against zone!!!
The next was the host team, Velká Morava. We defeated the runnig team of the sympatic Aswee and Veu confidently. At that point it was obvious that everyone was getting too tired , with two subs for the boys and no for the girls…
Our last game for the fifth place was against Outsitterz again! We really couldn’t warm up because of the tiredness. Once again we could close up from 4:1, but in the end the two times as many Slovakians won against our little team who was at the end of its strength. We dropped even those longs which were completely clear…
So we ended up sixth out of 12. With so few subs on this high standard tournament it’s a really good place.
In the final in a really exciting game the Upsadaisy (from Vienna) won against the Prague Devils, and they also took home thr Spirit of the game award.

Members of the team:

Horváth Petra, Sigi (Catchup), Nóri, Bori Petra (Hagymásbab), Gábor, Bandi, Feri, Rapi, Isti and Pedro

Participating teams:

• Velká Morava(CZ)
• Outsiterz(SK)
• LOL(H)
• Spirit on Lemon(PL)
• Warsaw(PL)
• Upsadaisy(A)
• Innsiders(A)
• Prague Devils(CZ)
• Žlutá Zimnnice(CZ)
• Pražská 7(CZ)
• PeaceEeg(CZ)
• Terrible Monkeys(CZ)

Translated by Móni

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